SPVS Fee Survey

It is Fee Survey time again! Thank you in advance for your responses which help to make this such a valuable resource.

All participants (including non-members) who complete the survey will be sent a copy of the results.

As always the survey data is totally confidential. The questions follow a similar format as last year to aid our year-by-year comparison. When entering prices, PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU EXCLUDE VAT. Only figures and decimal points should be entered in the price fields. Do not include any currency sign.

The survey is split into 3 main sections, Small Animal, Large (Farm) Animal and Equine. You can choose whether or not to answer each section. If there is a procedure you do not carry out, you can simply leave the answer blank. Finally, there are some general questions about your practice.

Territory definitions are the same as previously listed. Please quote one territory only and use your best judgment if you cannot find an exact fit or your practice crosses territorial boundaries.